There was this person I knew. He worked in the Government service for the minimum required time to avail monthly pension benefits, then took to Sannyasa. I used to wonder how this could even be termed Sannyasa.

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Vyāsa Pūrṇimā

You are utterly alone at the peak of achievement, or in the intense struggle of adversity. In the excitement of an adventure that tears down all restraints, or at the peak of ecstasy which you can share with no one else, you find a stillness or aloneness that is ennobling.

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Stances of the Soul

You and I operate from various kinds of pivots from within. Usually, these pivots define our character. This is who we are; this is how we are known to this world; this is how we introduce ourselves to this world. Let me explain.

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Sudheendra Chaitanya

Sudheendra Chaitanya is a Hindu monk based in Bangalore, India. After completing Engineering, he studied the scriptures at Chinmaya Mission in 1991, and continued with Mission work until 2005.

He now chooses to spend time with himself, observing life—people and happenings—keenly, and his insights flow out as writings. As a serious investigator into the core issues of life, Sudheendraji connects to people and subjects of life alike…with intimate directness. He has also authored several books. Notable among them are Blooming in the Open, The How, What and Why of I and God and Personal Worship. In a lucid narrative, his writings deliver fundamental insights, ruthlessly searing through conditioned thoughts and beliefs, but nourishing the soul with care.

Sometimes nourishing, sometimes revealing…