When you are inspired, you can inspire.

When noble motives drive you, you can insist on the same in others too.

When you know or have experienced something, and if you choose to sell, you are sure to find many customers for your goods.

When you inspire, you wonder why your colleague, friend, or cousin isn’t seeing what you see, and you try your best to make them see the same. Needless to say, when you see something brilliant and grand, inspired action naturally follows.

When you have carefully weeded out all vices—like lust, greed, power, money— from your drive, it may appear focussed and pure in motive, but those who live with it for long would know it as nothing but filtered blindness! It isn’t a response to a call from a brilliant vision; it is just
sincerity magnified into a consistent drive!

When you have seen or experienced something by yourself and choose to sell it as your brand, you are scooping out the latent interest of the world around you and harvesting it as customers who will admire and adore you for the service or product. That is where it ends, merely gratifying every bit of your hidden selfobsession.

Those inspired by some great vision or a fantastic dream will eventually build nations. So long as their dreams and visions aren’t a foolish ride in themselves.

Those who seek purity in motives will continue to work for an everlasting time, continually filtering every bit of vice and negative emotion that enters their system. But, the more they work and the longer they serve, the more they become blinded.

When you sell something, it is already a commodity in your heart, isn’t it? It is your genius you have seen something that can be sold. Maybe, that was your lookout all along; to sell something extraordinary and become a famous merchant. You were probably never interested in staying with Divinity or that extraordinary thing, or to be defeated by it and remain submerged in it. If you were, you could never commoditise or sell it. At best, you could fall silent or urge everyone to come and see what you saw.

Inspiration and originality go together. Pure motives are merely a cultivated saṃskāra of the soul. And, as a seller of spiritual goods and experiences, you can become enormously successful here. But, by trading your experience, you have drastically reduced the scope of spirituality in the minds of your customers! That is the disservice you do to the brothers and sisters of your land.

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Sudheendra Chaitanya

Sudheendra Chaitanya is a Hindu monk based in Bangalore, India. After completing Engineering, he studied the scriptures at Chinmaya Mission in 1991, and continued with Mission work until 2005.

He now chooses to spend time with himself, observing life—people and happenings—keenly, and his insights flow out as writings. As a serious investigator into the core issues of life, Sudheendraji connects to people and subjects of life alike…with intimate directness. He has also authored several books. Notable among them are Blooming in the Open, The How, What and Why of I and God and Personal Worship. In a lucid narrative, his writings deliver fundamental insights, ruthlessly searing through conditioned thoughts and beliefs, but nourishing the soul with care.

Sometimes nourishing, sometimes revealing…