Will you heed the call?

Love is your first step into the heart. Until you love, you won’t even know that there exists a heart that can sing, dance, celebrate, get hurt, and be crushed.

Work is your first step into the world of bounty. Until you discover the connection between what you produce and how it harvests into a prosperous bounty for all, you wouldn’t have even guessed that your produce is indeed precious.

Discovering the human within is your first step into the expanse. That you are connected to a larger expanse strikes you then alone. That you are hopelessly dependent on the entire of this universe, makes you fly. And, that you are never alone; your struggle is indeed the struggle of the universe keeps you tethered. At home with the world.

Finding the right teacher or a book alone marks your first step into the world of light. The light of understanding. Light that doesn’t dispel darkness alone, but makes everything come alive, with sensitive understanding. How vital it is to know and see clearly what already exists, what functions and works!

To sense that there exists something above you that knows, understands, sees everything, that indeed is your first step into the Divine. Until you walk into Divinity, how will you know what purity is, what integrity is, what benevolence is, what auspiciousness is? Ignore the apparent powers and go deeper to discover the inherent beauty of perfection, of how things ought to be, of how simple the sense of creation itself is, of how original and right the source of everything is.

Swim in the feeling, walk into the ideal, and that will be your first step into the unknown. To recognise that so much of the unknown shapes the known. The unknown is not just a mysterious wonderland, or dream world, it’s not even the ultimate destination for all. You will discover that it is co-existent with your current life, right away, as distant as the horizon, as visibly distant as the Sun and its rays.

If you haven’t touched base within you, how will you ever know that there exists a substratum to all life? Touching ground is not only grounding; it is being yourself, being genuine. Where you don’t lie to yourself. And, since you don’t lie, you will never be a victim of illusion. That is how you discover sanctity. Not just yours, but of the entire of existence.

The higher beckons you. Will you heed its call?

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